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  • Dance and Music for every age
    They made it happen, always on hand and provide friendly help no matter what we ask. Phones, CRM and a huge admin burden lifted. Non-profits like us can take so long to get going, but with this huge boost in abilities we were providing services much more efficiently and timely.
  • Fully operational
    have everything we thought would take us years. Including phone options. Thank you does not convey our gratitude.
  • DCare
    I'm really happy & thankful for the good work. Thanks for all the time Katie gave.
    Jack Darent - JD Daycare
  • Fundraising
    A corporate presence was what we needed, the agency delivered and makes it so much easier, we can get on with helping those who need it and the agency does all the work, its like having a corporation that we just have to phone to get things done. Even fundraising online - thank you is not enough.
  • No way
    No way to access the technology we needed, found them and they gave us access to a vast range or things we could not hope to do on our own. Thanks.
    John -
  • Getting the message out
    When we spoke with Jane she gave us some tips we could use right away, the help received since has seen us grow and all with a smile no matter when we call or email.
    Clarissa - Hits for Hits
  • Too small
    I thought we were way too small for any one to assist, boy was Katie a breathe of fresh air, no matter what we ask she is always happy to help. It has been a huge relief.
    Jenna D - Beans for Ben